Hello, it's me, Qixian

Hello World! I'm fresh out of college looking to take a less than conventional path and that is venturing into the world of freelancing and being an independent developer! I also write, video and teach on my website and YouTube channel.

I love to formulate and develop solutions to problems using all kinds of technology. While I enjoy change, it is extremely important to look back and analyze the differences between the old and new and fully understand the need for change. Technology is constantly evolving and full of surprises, something that really attracts me.

I love solving problems with technology.

My Skills Rating

Despite being a full-stack developer, I am not the most effective in all areas. Given myself 5 points to rate for each category on a scale of 10, I believe my strongest suite is more towards the front-end UI development followed by backend application based logic.

I am highly effective in creating fully working minimum viable products that are deployed and active.

My Experience

Dec 2017 -
Freelance Full-stack Developer

Current tech stack: NodeJS, React (Web) / React Native (iOS/Android), MongoDB / MySQL. Specialized in creating MVPs and fully functional "prototypes" in quick time. View more by visiting my portoflio page!

May 2017 - Aug 2017
Business Intern (Automation)

Developed and deployed a tool for the support specialists to automate a manual and tedious process of report generation, data extraction and data comparison for discrepancy cases. With the tool, data collection and processing time is reduced by up to 6000% (60 minutes to roughly 1 minute).

Reduced the steps and complexity required to do data collection and processing from a 6 steps process into just 1 simple step of filling up a form and the report is automatically generated and ready to be analyzed.

Total estimated savings of 1500 hours man-hours annually.

Products and systems involved: DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google Adwords, Google App Scripts.

Aug 2016 - May 2017
Singapore Management University
Teaching Assistant

Module: IS301 Enterprise Integration
AY16/17 Term 2

Assisted students in daily lessons and labs (mainly TIBCO) to ensure that students have a firm understanding of the lessons and are able to achieve the lesson objectives set for them.

In charged of students' administrative matters ensuring that lessons can go smoothly and students' welfare are all taken care of. Assisted teaching staff in marking and evaluating lab assignments and coding practice.

Module: IS103 Computational Thinking
AY16/17 Term 1

Assisted in testing and evaluating curriculum’s projects and assignments, enabling fair assessment of students taking the module.

In charged of students’ administrative matters, ensuring that all students’ concerns and needs are addressed timely and satisfactorily.

Assisted students in academics and understanding of subject matter, seeing an overall improvement of 20% in average scores.

Apr 2016 - Aug 2016
Bank of Singapore, Asia's Global Private Bank
Technology and Strategic Programs - Digital Development Intern

Assumed the role and responsibilities of the DevOps Engineer:

Implemented software and processes to automate deployment, integration and delivery of applications: allowing developers to concentrate solely on development and maximize their skill-set.

Improved governance over application delivery and releases, allowing for clarity in audits and better management of source code.

Reduce overall time taken for application delivery and deployments through automation.

Improving overall application quality through continuous integration and delivery.

Implemented ELK stack (proof of concept) to transit bank into centralized logging architecture allowing for near instant/real-time retrieval, viewing and analysis of logs (previously required weeks). The implementation also opened up potential analytical possibilities through the analysis of logs.

Skills and Technologies

Semantic UI